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Guardian ShowerGuard®
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When installed as part of a shower indoors and maintenance, according to the Guardian Europe SARL cleaning recommendations ( “Guardian”) (available for download on the original end user (customer) will ensure that the Guardian Shower Guard glass to remain fairly normal use of visible staining, corrosion or discoloration for as long as the original end user continues to own the residence or other premises where the shower was installed ( “limited warranty”). Processing and installation errors are excluded from this limited warranty. The liability under remains limited warranty to Guardian the sole discretion limited to the replacement of the Shower Guard glass or the reimbursement of the difference between the purchase price paid by the original end user (customer) for Shower Guard glass and the price for normal glass up to € 80 per square meter. If Guardian provides a replacement for glass Shower Guard, the coverage of the guarantee is extended to the replacement glass.

Unless otherwise provided by law, the Limited Warranty and shall not be transferable only to the original end user (customer). The ‘original end user (customer) “is the original purchaser of the Shower Guard product that installs the product in the own building or leased property, or the original end user gives a professional or contractor contract for the initial purchase and installation of Shower Guard product in its own building or leased property, or the first purchaser of a building in which the shower Guard product is installed as a new product. The limited warranty covers Shower Guard products purchased in a Member State within the territory of the European Union or in other countries where Shower Guard products are sold after January 1, 2010. For warranty claims for purchases made before that date, please contact the Shower Guard Customer Service at the address or via listed below.

To submit a claim under the limited warranty, backed serve customers who have activated the limited warranty by registering at or by post, to turn to the dealer or the customer service Shower Guard, Shower Guard Customer Service, Guardian Europe SARL, 19 rue du Puits Romain, L-8070 Bertrange, G.D. of Luxembourg, and they serve a proof of original purchase including date and price to produce, and a description of the defect and the name of the retailer or dealer from whom the glass was purchased. Return shall take place only with the permission of Guardian.

The limited warranty is valid only after registration within 180 days of the original date of purchase. The limited warranty does not cover scratches, chips, cracks or breakage. Neither does it apply in respect of complaints about glass is removed or destroyed before inspection by an authorized representative of Guardian. Defects linked to processing or installation of the glass are not covered by the limited warranty. The limited warranty is void if the Shower Guard glass by accident, misuse, neglect of the Guardian recommendations for cleaning, installation or use or other causes damaged that can not be attributed to Guardian, or when changes to the product are provided. The limited warranty does not cover labor costs or other costs resulting from the removal or reinstallation of the original or replacement Shower Guard glass.

In addition to the limited warranty provided here and to the extent permitted by law, there are no express or implied warranties of any kind, no guarantee of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and any implied warranty of law or otherwise. To the extent permitted by law, and except as provided in this limited warranty, Guardian liability notes for any direct, indirect, specific, incidental gevolgs or incidental, loss or damage of any kind off, suffered by the original end-user and the result the use of products from Guardian or the result of information provided to the original end-user by Guardian or a supplier. Guardian disclaims all liability for damage suffered by the original end-user off as a result of actions of a supplier and the staff of the supplier.

does this limited warranty in any way prejudice (legal) rights you have under the applicable national regulations regarding the sale of consumer goods.

To activate the limited warranty by registering them within 180 days of purchase online through or by mail at the following address: Guardian Europe SARL, 19 rue du Puits Romain, L-8070 Bertrange, G.D. of Luxembourg. To register the limited warranty you need the unique code mentioned on the certificate of authenticity or on the label that was applied to the glass shower.

Guardian Europe SARL, 19 rue du Puits Romain, L-8070 Bertrange, G.D. of Luxembourg has the necessary customer data for the registration and implementation of the limited warranty and is entitled to keep it and use it for these purposes. The data may be transferred to its subsidiaries and service when required for the registration and implementation of the limited warranty. The data will be used exclusively for these purposes and processed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The customer has the right to consult and correct their personal information and may contact Guardian by to use these rights.


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